• Sleep To Succeed

    Sleep To Succeed

    16th April 2017

    Having trouble dozing off at night? The solution to your sleep problem could be right here – and it’s exactly what your body needs to recover quickly and perform at its best. Words by Sarah Ivory We Brits are exhausted. Data from…

  • Dr Sarah Brewer Advises on Joint Health for Fitness Fans

    Dr Sarah Brewer Advises on Joint Health for Fitness Fans

    10th April 2017

    What puts the most pressure on our joints and how can we avoid this? Weight bearing and repetitive actions put the most stress on your joints. Jumping down from the cab of a lorry, for example, would subject your knee…

  • Easiest Half Marathon Plan Ever

    Easiest Half Marathon Plan Ever

    8th April 2017

    Thinking about tackling a half marathon? We have the simplest and easiest plan ever to take you from ‘new but regular runner’ to completing a half marathon in three months

  • A Mile Each Day

    A Mile Each Day

    20th March 2017

    The achievement in running a race is completing it – and we should enjoy that, no matter what our time is. What’s the first question people ask you when you’ve recently completed any race, whether it’s a marathon, a half…

  • Marathon Success

    Marathon Success

    4th March 2017

    Why are we so obsessed with our finish time, when there are so many other things to celebrate when we run a marathon? Hands up if you’ve run a marathon recently? And keep your hands up if you’re still dwelling…

  • Chest Pain & Running

    Chest Pain & Running

    2nd March 2017

    There are many causes of chest pain, some of them serious. Here we look at some of the more common causes and their symptoms. Words Dr Yvette Brindle When we think of chest pain and exercise, many of us worry…

  • Doing The Sums

    Doing The Sums

    2nd March 2017

    In the quest to become better, should we more modest runners calculate the benefits from marginal gains? Running provides many people with escapism, while to others it’s the joy of the competition. We all want to be good at it.…

  • Sweet Success

    Sweet Success

    14th February 2017

    There’s more to honey than meets the eye. Dietitian Laura Tilt reveals THREE GREAT BENEFITS for runners. As one of nature’s most caloriedense foods, honey has been prized as an energy source for over 8,000 years. In fact, as the…

  • A Mile Each Day

    A Mile Each Day

    2nd February 2017

    Whether we like it or not, we influence and have an impact on other people. Have you ever recommended a restaurant, a film, a book, a running shop, a make or brand of running shoes, and someone has spent money…

  • Break Those Barriers

    Break Those Barriers

    23rd January 2017

    Even though the days are growing longer again, why is it still tough to get going? Evie Serventi explains how to overcome 10 COMMON BARRIERS to running. 1 – TIME This is one of the most commonly cited reasons for…