• An Awesome Way To Your Five A Day

    An Awesome Way To Your Five A Day

    21st March 2017

    Recently, I was running and trekking across the mountains of Mallorca. One evening at our hotel, we were served oranges straight from the tree, sliced and dipped in dark chocolate. Juicy, sweet, hydrating and packed with vitamin C, fibre and…

  • The Truth About Rice

    The Truth About Rice

    3rd March 2017

    Whether you like it long, short, black, brown or wild, rice is an excellent source of nutrients for a runner. With its high percentage of carbohydrate, rice has for a long time been regarded as a great fuel for athletes.…

  • Mango and Banana Cake

    Mango and Banana Cake

    26th February 2017

    Using the tropical flavours of mango and banana makes for a sweet, luscious and moist cake, without the addition of large amounts of sugar or fat.

  • CHOC POT Your Pancakes!

    CHOC POT Your Pancakes!

    24th February 2017

    Have a ‘Better For You’ Pancake Day with NO Palm Oil! Sweet Freedom’s CHOC POT is super smooth, delicious tasting and perfect for a ‘better for you’ pancake day.  Simply spread onto your pancake and enjoy the sweet-tasting pleasure without…

  • Get The Buzz Without The Fuzz

    Get The Buzz Without The Fuzz

    21st February 2017

    Matcha is one of the world’s most revered teas and forms an integral part of Japanese tea ceremonies, where it is said to help create a perfect environment for relaxed communication between host and guests. A new research paper1 has…

  • Make Your Own #GoFaster Date & Coconut Energy Balls

    Make Your Own #GoFaster Date & Coconut Energy Balls

    17th February 2017

    Packed with natural sugar, dates are a great source of vitamin B6, fibre, and important minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium and manganese, which, combined with sustaining oats and coconut, will strengthen the immune system and fuel energy stores; eat…

  • Sweet Success

    Sweet Success

    14th February 2017

    There’s more to honey than meets the eye. Dietitian Laura Tilt reveals THREE GREAT BENEFITS for runners. As one of nature’s most caloriedense foods, honey has been prized as an energy source for over 8,000 years. In fact, as the…

  • Introducing TREK Chunks

    Introducing TREK Chunks

    12th February 2017

    TREK has launched a range of ‘TREK Chunks’ designed for grazing and eating on-the-go, these delicious bite size-chunks are packed full of protein and powerful wholefood ingredients that deliver sustained energy when you need it most. They will be available…

  • Chilli Chocolate Chicken with Quinoa from Go Faster Foods

    Chilli Chocolate Chicken with Quinoa from Go Faster Foods

    28th January 2017

    Dark, sweet, spicy, and with an excellent balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats to supercharge energy levels, this is a #GoFaster take on a Mexican mole, a deeply-flavoured casserole which uses dark chocolate to thicken and enrich the sauce.…

  • Chocolate, Fig, Ginger & Almond Boost Bites

    Chocolate, Fig, Ginger & Almond Boost Bites

    20th January 2017

    Figs are rich in potassium, vitamin K and fibre, and are a great source of complex carbohydrate, calcium, magnesium and iron. Mixed with a little melted dark chocolate, toasted almonds and chewy crystallised ginger, they pack a nutritional punch to…