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  • Let’s Hear It For Fat!

    Let’s Hear It For Fat!

    28th June 2017

    Confused about what's good and wheat's bad? Our experts explain why what foods we should choose next time we shop.

  • Mango and Banana Cake

    Mango and Banana Cake

    19th June 2017

    Using the tropical flavours of mango and banana makes for a sweet, luscious and moist cake, without the addition of large amounts of sugar or fat.

  • Rich & Crumbly Fruit, Nut & Seed Bars from Meridian

    Rich & Crumbly Fruit, Nut & Seed Bars from Meridian

    15th June 2017

    This recipe takes 35 minutes and will serve 16 What you need: 100g self raising flour 300g porridge oats 100g mixed seeds 80g dried cranberries 80g dried cherries 50g walnuts, chopped 1 apple grated (skin included) 150g Meridian Cocoa peanut…

  • Meridian’s Chocolate Banana Muffin Recipe

    Meridian’s Chocolate Banana Muffin Recipe

    11th June 2017

    This chocolate banana muffin recipe serves 12 and takes 30 minutes. What you need: 250g self raising flour 1 tsp baking powder 40g oats 100g unrefined muscovado sugar 2 medium ripe bananas, mashed 150g Meridian Cocoa hazelnut butter 2 eggs,…

  • Sweet Success

    Sweet Success

    30th May 2017

    There’s more to honey than meets the eye. Dietitian Laura Tilt reveals THREE GREAT BENEFITS for runners. As one of nature’s most caloriedense foods, honey has been prized as an energy source for over 8,000 years. In fact, as the…

  • Ultramarathon Nutrition

    Ultramarathon Nutrition

    18th May 2017

    Figuring out what to eat during an ultramarathon or trail race is as crucial as your training, a lot to be learned from off-road runners who have run the trail ahead of us.