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What to eat

  • Let’s Hear It For Fat!

    Let’s Hear It For Fat!

    28th June 2017

    Confused about what's good and wheat's bad? Our experts explain why what foods we should choose next time we shop.

  • Sweet Success

    Sweet Success

    30th May 2017

    There’s more to honey than meets the eye. Dietitian Laura Tilt reveals THREE GREAT BENEFITS for runners. As one of nature’s most caloriedense foods, honey has been prized as an energy source for over 8,000 years. In fact, as the…

  • Ultramarathon Nutrition

    Ultramarathon Nutrition

    18th May 2017

    Figuring out what to eat during an ultramarathon or trail race is as crucial as your training, a lot to be learned from off-road runners who have run the trail ahead of us.

  • Debunking Nutrition Myths

    Debunking Nutrition Myths

    21st April 2017

    Too much protein will damage my kidneys – FALSE Unless you are already predisposed to renal complications, there is no reason you should avoid more protein. Traditional recommendations for protein intake have been low (0.8g per kg of your bodyweight)…

  • The Truth About Rice

    The Truth About Rice

    3rd March 2017

    Whether you like it long, short, black, brown or wild, rice is an excellent source of nutrients for a runner. With its high percentage of carbohydrate, rice has for a long time been regarded as a great fuel for athletes.…

  • The Best (and lowest cost) Sources of Protein

    The Best (and lowest cost) Sources of Protein

    14th December 2016

    Protein is one of three main macronutrients that facilitates muscle repair, growth and regeneration from an exercise bout. It is now widely accepted that 20-30g of protein is sufficient to elevate muscle protein synthetic rates in order promote positive muscle…