5 Reasons you Should Take up Running

It’s a new year, and for many of us, resolutions have been made. One of the most common resolutions is to ‘get fit’ in one way or another, whether that’s frequent exercising, a gym membership or dieting, though this can become overwhelming for some. It’s hard to know where to start, what equipment to use, what foods to eat, what areas of your body you should target and how frequently you should put it into practice.

If you’re looking to make a realistic resolution that will result in a healthy change without wanting to drop it in mid-February, then you should consider running. We are giving you 5 Reasons you Should Take up Running to help kick start your journey. It’s simple, accessible, and rewarding with a number of benefits for your physical fitness and mental well-being. There’s also no expectations. Entering a gym or calorie counting can be daunting; stepping outside and going for a light run in the fresh air can be much more attainable. Here are some reasons as to why running should be your resolution in 2022. 


There’s no learning curve, you can run without training:  

Running really is as simple as stepping outside and away you go. As with any workout, you will get better and achieve PB’s the more frequently you practice, but starting is simple, you don’t need to be training for a marathon. As long as you set yourself a realistic length and steady pace then your run should go smoothly. Start with a small goal and slowly but surely your stamina will increase with every run you go on. 

Although we recommend good running form to help prevent injury, check out these tips for good running posture 


It’s a full-body workout: 

Whilst running mainly works your lower body, it can also work and tone your core. This isn’t just effective for your abs, but can also be really beneficial for those deeper core muscles such as obliques, erector spinae, and transverse abdominis. These deeper muscles often get neglected in workouts but play a vital part in balance and stability in everyday life. They also keep your spine aligned and transfer power between your swinging arms and legs when you run. Therefore, your lower body isn’t the only muscle group that benefits from running. 


It’s good for the ❤️

 If you want to improve your heart health, then this really is an exercise you should be prioritising, according to research published in the American Journal of Cardiology. Frequent running can actually minimise your heart’s workload, as active runners typically have lower resting pulse rates due to intaking a higher amount of oxygen compared to the average person. As a result of this, the heart can handle pumping larger amounts of blood per beat which will benefit you long-term, as you’re helping your heart do its job with ease. 


It’s less time consuming than most workouts:

It’s a lot easier to squeeze in a 20 minute run per day than an hour-long gym session. Whilst both are really beneficial, if you’re stuck for time then running is the more convenient option, and remember, the best form of exercise is the one you’ll actually do. It’s also conveniently on your doorstep; you usually start running from straight outside your front door, you don’t have to travel anywhere to run, you can simply run up and down your street if you wanted to. 


Mindfulness gains:

The benefits of regular running can go way beyond the physical. It can reduce symptoms of depression and stabilise anxiety, can make you become more present in everyday life, and even strengthen your memory. Whilst running, your brain pumps out endorphins which is a feel-good hormone, this can result in a mood-boosting effect known as a ‘runner’s high’, you tend to experience this after you finish your run which can be a perfect antidote for a cluttered mind. 


Many runners have also said that running is their form of meditation. Having time alone can give people the opportunity to reflect and think, not to mention the benefits of being outside and breathing in the fresh air; taking an opportunity to run a scenic route can be a huge stress reliever. 

We have only given you 5 Reasons you Should Take up Running, of course, we can think of so many more, most importantly, just get out and give it a try.


 Written by: Kate Goodman