Whether your motivation is for better health, or to improve athletic performance – or both – taking inspiration from our ancestors and following a paleo diet may be the best thing you do says Paul Roberts

A glance at the health of our planet indicates that the convenience of the 21st century does not produce high-performing, healthy athletes. The answer to changing running performance and improving health may lie in taking inspiration from our tall, lean, strong and healthy primal ancestors. Our genes, when expressed correctly via the way we sleep, move, manage our stress and eat, give us an innate physical endurance that helped us thrive through our evolution; by following nature’s intended lifestyle and real food diet we can reduce stress and inflammation within our body. The benefits are three-fold:at a glance

  1.  It maintains our innate endurance and our ability to make good choices about movement and exercise.
  2. It will radically improve our
    ability to recover between
    training sessions.
  3. It will turbocharge your
    health for the rest of your life.

The paleolithic diet? It’s simple

The paleo diet is mostly based on foods that are presumed to have been available to paleolithic humans, avoiding modern processed foods. They suffered fewer allergies, and less inflammation and non-communicable diseases than modern populations.

Our modern environment and food supply exposes us to some very different foods from our ancestors and these can be problematic to our health and recovery, many of these modern foods have only been available to us for a short period when taken in the context of the evolution of humans over the last 2 million years.

This year sees us further than ever from the source of our food – 21st century convenience allows little thought for the provenance of our food. The benefit of a paleo framework lies in the density of vitamins and minerals within the diet when compared with the modern Western diet of high starch and sugar. It allows you, as an athlete, to cope with an increased training load.


Article by Paul Roberts of Tribal MSP Online
Enthusiastic and passionate about performance and health, Paul created the Tribal MSP Online program as a way to share his experience and guide athletes’ intuition and perception to create great success.