Physiotherapy Enquiries Are Up By Over A Third In The Past 12 Months

With just five weeks left to train ahead of the London Marathon on 23rd April, the most common sports injuries in the UK have been revealed with expert tips on how to avoid them. The number of Brits seeking physiotherapy treatment reached 270,367 over the past year, according to, and there was a spike in enquiries for physiotherapy consultations, up 34%, at an average starting price of £44 per appointment.

Enquiries for Orthotics, a custom-made extra layer of supportive material to be worn inside your footwear to reduce stress and pain on the joints, came in as number two on the list. This customised footwear inserts can be costly, with an average price tag of £95 in the UK. Investing in the correct footwear to protect your bones, muscles, joints and tendons is vital and you can read Matt Phillip’s advice on the subject here.

Knee rehabilitation treatments saw a whopping 42% increase in enquiries over the last year. Common causes of knee pain for runners include: overworking the Patellofemoral joint which is the joint which sits under the kneecap at the end of the thigh bone; over-pronation (the way your foot strikes the ground when you run doesn’t allow shock to be absorbed properly); stiff hip joints; tight hamstring, calf and quad muscles and lack of strength in the quad muscles2. Ensure you have exercises built in to your training to help prevent injuries, we have a selection of exercises and advice that you can browse through here.

Nick Johnson, a practitioner in acupuncture, deep tissue and sports massage at Fairlee Wellbeing Centre, South London gave his recommendations for training and advice for preventing injury: “It is important to make sure your body has the right balance between flexibility and strength. The body needs an equal level of flexibility in the upper body and lower body, and across the left side and right sides; imbalances open up susceptibility to injury. Flexibility requires strength so making sure that your flexibility is backed up with whole body core strength for stability. Try using a BOSU ball to increase your strength, core and balance all at the same time.”

Top sports injury treatments based on enquiries to UK clinics through
Treatment Change in email enquiries over the past year Current UK average starting price
Physiotherapist Consultation 34% £44
Orthotics -1% £95
Dry Needling 6% £42
Knee Rehabilitation 42% £37
Ankle Injury Treatment 14% £38
Sports Therapy -8% £41
Physical Therapy 62% £57
Sports Injury Rehabilitation –   Strapping  and Taping -35% £45
Shoulder Rehabilitation 19% £36
Deep Tissue Massage 43% £49
Sports Massage 13% £44
Chiropractor Consultation 14% £45
Back Pain Treatment 7% £38

Commenting on the data, Nick continued: “More people than ever are engaging in higher levels of sports activities and pushing their bodies to greater limits. Injuries can easily occur if the proper measures aren’t taken during training and as a result many people end up needing advice and rehabilitation training from a health professional. Deep tissue massage is one of the most popular therapies as it can be used to treat a particular injury as well as a treatment to prevent injury. Massage can be used to help a client when muscles are beginning to stiffen. If left untreated this could eventually lead to an injury.”

Enquiries for physical therapy increased by a massive 62%, and costs £57, on average in the UK.  The number of Brits seeking massage therapy rose to 62,695 with deep tissue massage queries up 43% and sports therapy massage queries increasing by 13% in the last year. In the UK, these treatments carry an average price tag of £49 and £44 respectively. Massage has a number of benefits for the body and mind and is recommended when preparing for a marathon as a way to prevent injury, help repair injured muscle tissue, boost your performance and help keep you in all round good condition3.

According to more men than women seek treatment at Massage Therapy Clinics with 62% of all traffic coming from male users which is unusual as women are often the healthcare decision makers when it comes to enquiries on the site . In contrast, more women than men seek treatment from Physiotherapy (58%) and Chiropractic Clinics (57%).

Top Sports Injury clinic types  based on enquiries to
Clinic Type Total traffic in past year Increase in email enquiries over past year Number of clinics listed Female Male
Physiotherapy Clinics 270,367 28% 3,267 58% 42%
Massage Therapy Clinics 62,695 30% 3,339 38% 62%
Chiropractic Clinics 129,934 11% 2,005 57% 43%