• Exercise: Foam Rolling

    Exercise: Foam Rolling

    11th August 2016

    Many runners find that regular rolling helps them when they’re in rehab but also to avoid injury

  • Exercise: Bridge Heel Walk

    Exercise: Bridge Heel Walk

    11th August 2016

    The 'bridge' exercise in its many forms can be an excellent exercise choice for the majority of runners

  • Excercise: Dynamic Warm Up – Lunge Matrix

    Excercise: Dynamic Warm Up – Lunge Matrix

    25th July 2016

    Running injury specialist Matt Phillips shows how to adopt a more dynamic warm up rather than going for a simple stretch routing – that could even be making things harder for you!

  • The Treadmill: Your Workout Companion

    The Treadmill: Your Workout Companion

    1st June 2016

    One of the best tried and tested cardiovascular exercises is running, but did you know that running on a treadmill might actually be better for you and more useful?

  • Ask The Expert: Sensitive Skin

    Ask The Expert: Sensitive Skin

    3rd May 2016

    David Gordon, Founder and owner of BAM, talks us through the benefits of natural fabrics Q: I have quite sensitive skin which can be easily irritated when I’m training. I’ve found synthetic fabrics uncomfortable. Do you have any suggestions? A:…

  • Get To Know… Pilates

    Get To Know… Pilates

    5th April 2016

    Jenny Cromack, personal trainer and Director of motive8 North, gives us the lowdown on Pilates for runners

  • Exercise: Plank Variations

    Exercise: Plank Variations

    1st April 2016

    Each issue Matt shares a new exercise of the month. Learning plank variations will strengthen your core