As part of Innovate UK’s success stories, we’re shinning a light on Run 3D. Originally a spin-out company from the University of Oxford, the biomechanical engineering business are building a franchise network of sports clinics aimed at preventing running injuries.


Real-time Analysis of Your Running Style

Whatever type of runner you are, you’re going to face injury. Run 3D have developed a state-of-the-art gait analysis system. This measures exactly how a person is running and will identify negative or detrimental patterns in a runner’s style.

This is hugely beneficial for the prevention and treatment of injuries but also helps to boost a runner’s general performance too.

This technology can help runners of all ages or abilities.

So How Does It Work?

74% of runners become injured each year. It’s a staggering figure and the main cause is poor running style.

Run 3D pinpoints root causes which then enables experts to correct them. This can come in the form:
Run 3DExercise therapy
• Foot recommendations
• Physiotherapy
• Generally altering the way a person is running

The huge benefit of having real-time technology like this is that the experts can see whether the changes are actually working.

Help Identify Other Factors Impacting Performance

The technology also helps to identify other factors affecting a person’s performance. With an intuitive 3D system that isolates patterns in running style, athletes receive insights into how they can adapt their style to reach their full potential. This could be a game changer in the world of professional sport, with athletes using the system in order to push their bodies to new limits.

Experts from Run 3D are aiming to take the findings in their groundbreaking research and present it to athletes and sports scientists all over the world. Thanks to funding from Innovate UK, a prototype 3D gait analysis system can now be used in sports clinics. It can also be tailored to specific sports, with the reporting and retraining being applicable to a range of athletes.