Leveraging the expertise of We Run’s team of 150+ qualified Running Coaches, the We Run Virtual Running Club is designed for those who want weekly guidance on their running, without being tied to a specific time or place.

Each week you’ll receive a value-packed email covering everything you need to do that week to improve your running. To start, you receive exclusive access to a bank of 50+ running training plans, covering everything from ‘Couch to 1k’, 5k/10k/Half/Marathon PB plans, right up to 100k Ultra Marathon plans. In addition to a regular online running Club Night Session (which you can share and discuss with other members in the online community), you’ll also be sent a weekly Strength and Conditioning routine, join in the monthly 30-Day Running Strength & Conditioning Challenges, have access to regular video tips from Coaches, and support, advice and accountability in the private Facebook group.

Our review

We’ve spent the second half of this year in the We Run Virtual Running Club and it has offered everything we hoped for… and more. The benefit of being part of a running club is well documented but for many of us, the club night clashes with other commitments, the location is too far away or it’s just tough to make the time every week after a long day at work.

The weekly email from this club isn’t just jam-packed with great information, it serves as a burst of motivation. Along with training programmes, seasonal advice, tips and hacks and words of wisdom from trusted coaches, there are amazing thirty-day injury prevention/stretching programmes with accompanying videos.

If you’re not a fan of Facebook, you don’t miss anything by not being in the group as all of the links are included in the email, but if you enjoy the community aspect of an online group, there’s support, accountability and running talk available to you, with the coaches available to answer any questions you might have. With this club, you get the best of both worlds, all of the coaching, information and support with (or without, your choice!) the social side.

We highly recommend the We Run Virtual Running Club!

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