• How To Be The Person Who Gets Up At 6am

    How To Be The Person Who Gets Up At 6am

    22nd June 2018

    There are very few of us, even the most committed runners and fitness enthusiasts who have not been woken up by an early alarm call and simply wished for longer in bed, especially if you hear the rain and wind…

  • How To Psych Yourself Up For Race Day

    How To Psych Yourself Up For Race Day

    20th June 2018

    When we train hard, prepare or practice for a big race or event, we often say to ourselves “I want to be perfect today”, and that can be the most fatal mistake of all. When faced with a challenge where…

  • A Mile Each Day: Leadership

    A Mile Each Day: Leadership

    18th December 2017

    Whether we like it or not, we influence and have an impact on other people. Have you ever recommended a restaurant, a film, a book, a running shop, a make or brand of running shoes, and someone has spent money…

  • Are You Breathing?

    Are You Breathing?

    4th December 2017 2 Comments

    It might sound silly, but so many of us don’t make full use of our lungs while running. But a small change, and the INTRODUCTION OF YOGA, can teach you how to breathe correctly and run better. Written by Siobhan…

  • Marathon Success

    Marathon Success

    28th November 2017

    Why are we so obsessed with our finish time, when there are so many other things to celebrate when we run a marathon? Hands up if you’ve run a marathon recently? And keep your hands up if you’re still dwelling…

  • Chest Pain & Running

    Chest Pain & Running

    31st October 2017

    There are many causes of chest pain, some of them serious. Here we look at some of the more common causes and their symptoms. Words Dr Yvette Brindle When we think of chest pain and exercise, many of us worry…

  • Dr Sarah Brewer Advises on Joint Health for Fitness Fans

    Dr Sarah Brewer Advises on Joint Health for Fitness Fans

    30th October 2017

    What puts the most pressure on our joints and how can we avoid this? Weight bearing and repetitive actions put the most stress on your joints. Jumping down from the cab of a lorry, for example, would subject your knee…

  • A Mile Each Day

    A Mile Each Day

    1st October 2017

    The achievement in running a race is completing it – and we should enjoy that, no matter what our time is. What’s the first question people ask you when you’ve recently completed any race, whether it’s a marathon, a half…