Rightangled, the only NHS England backed DNA testing company in the UK, have today announced the launch of its new Wellness Pro DNA testing kit, to provide customers with the most comprehensive understanding of their genetic make-up in relation to their cardio fitness, performance and diet.

The Rightangled DNA testing kits are the only tests available in the UK that analyse both environmental factors such as age, weight, diet and lifestyle in combination with a customer’s genetic profile, a unique offering which separates Rightangled apart from its competitors.

The easy to use Wellness Pro DNA testing kit combines cutting-edge science and technology, to provide individuals with an unparalleled understanding of their personal physiology; designed to revolutionise how individuals optimise and manage their health and fitness and minimise risks.

Since the platform launched in 2017, Rightangled has developed four different DNA tests to accommodate a range of health and fitness needs.

The Heart DNA Test identifies anomalies that can increase or lower cardiovascular risks; the Fitness DNA Test details how to optimise muscle growth shed excess fat and manage blood sugar levels.  The Woman Wellness is a test that assesses how likely it is for women to develop Venous Thrombosis (Blood Clots), by analysing both predisposed and acquired risks such as hormone replacement therapy and or certain COCP (Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill), and help women understand how to minimise the risks of blood clots forming; and finally the newly launched Wellness Pro test, which is the most comprehensive of all the Rightangled DNA testing kits.

The Wellness Pro DNA testing kit is sent directly to the customer’s door and all that is required is a quick swab of the inside of the cheek, making it a quick and simple process. The sample is then returned, free of charge to Rightangled’s CQC certified premises and ISO accredited lab. A team of specialists will then review thousands of genetic markers taken from the saliva sample to identify the unique genetic profile. The genetic information is then combined with key environmental factors and undergoes a thorough assessment by a team of leading cardiologists and fitness and nutrition specialists.

Results take between two and four weeks at which point – customers are sent their personalised ‘G Plan’ – a genetically tailored health, diet, exercise and lifestyle action plan. This includes an in-depth medical assessment, as well as an eight-week fitness training and nutrition plan put together by a qualified personal trainer, which combined, is designed to help people make smarter and more informed decisions about their health, fitness and wellbeing.

Rightangled customers have access to an online support platform for booking follow up appointments with a partner specialist, they can chat to a medical, nutritional and fitness specialist through an online chat service and they have 24/7 access to educational tools and research to help answer any DNA related questions.

The Wellness Pro DNA testing kit will cost £249.00 and is available to purchase from www.rightangled.co

Rightangled founder Abdullah Sabyah said: “Working closely with medical practitioners from the NHS and qualified personal trainers, we have created the UK’s first DNA testing kit that not only looks at an individual’s genetics but also takes into account certain environmental factors, which will revolutionise the way people approach their health and fitness.

“People are becoming more and more interested in the role that DNA can play in their health, and the Wellness Pro DNA testing kit is the first step to empowering people to make a change for the better. Making small changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference to your overall health and wellbeing and will help individuals perform at their prime.”

He added: “There is a clear need for prevention over cure and educating individuals about their genetics and wellbeing and providing them with a more personalised approach, will play an important role in the future of healthcare.”

To launch its newest product, Rightangled will host a pop-up store to introduce the DNA swab test on February 27th from 10 am to 3 pm at Up Market at One New Change, EC4M 9AF London.

For further information about the Wellness Pro DNA kit or other Rightangled DNA testing kits visit: https://www.rightangled.co/