Increasing your hamstring strength with this Dynamic Incline Bridge from expert Matt Phillips will help you become a more robust runner

Target Muscles: Glutes & hamstrings

Sets and Reps: 10 reps each swing 3 sets of 12-15 reps TEMPO: Dynamic

Frequency: Include in your two strength sessions a week

The hamstrings play a hugely important part in running. Every time your knee swings in front of you in preparation for foot landing, the hamstrings work hard to control the straightening of that knee, and it is at this moment while they are lengthening that they are most vulnerable. Despite common belief, a lack of flexibility is not the most common reason for hamstring injury in runners; it is lack of eccentric strength while the straightening leg is decelerating.

Bridges are a terrific way of preparing the hamstrings for running and for recovery after injury. They can be modified easily to meet your needs. Start at a suitable level and gradually increase the demand. The resulting increase in hamstring strength may help you become a more robust and higher performing runner.