The Foam Rolling technique will help ease your quads, glutes and adductor muscles

Target muscles:  Quads (thighs), glutes (buttocks), adductors (inner thigh)

Sets & Reps:  2-3 minutes each

Tempo:  Slow, avoid pain of over 6/10

Frequency:  Evenings (in front of the TV)

Many runners find that regular rolling helps them when they’re in rehab but also to avoid injury. We look at ways of rolling the quadriceps (front thigh muscles), the glutes (buttocks), and abductors (inner thighs). P lace your body weight on to the roller, and look for “knots” in the muscle.

These knots are thought to be adhesions in the fascia (the fibrous layer that surrounds muscles) that appear in response to injury or inactivity. They may prevent normal muscle mechanics by reducing joint range of motion, muscle tone and length, leading to decreased strength, endurance and coordination. Foam rolling helps remove these restrictions and restore normal muscle mechanics.

Foam Rolling

Matt Phillips is a running injury specialist and video gait analyst at StrideUK & Studio57clinic in Sussex. Follow Matt on Twitter: @sportinjurymatt