• Our Team Have Been Getting Help On Fitness With GHO Fitness

    Our Team Have Been Getting Help On Fitness With GHO Fitness

    17th August 2017

    This summer sees the official launch of GHO Fitness (Get Help On Fitness), a new, inspiring and motivating online proposition that is set to shake up the personalised fitness plan market by delivering an honest and uncomplicated 360 degree approach…

  • Get Up That Hill

    Get Up That Hill

    18th July 2017

    How is it some runners skip up inclines when the rest of us huff and puff to the top? With the right approach, technique and attitude, hills don’t have to be hard. When you’re a beginner, simply running on the flat…

  • Speed Training

    Speed Training

    30th June 2017

    Rf reveals how to inject some extra pace into your training plan with speed training

  • Exercise of the Month – Hip Flexors: Lying Band Exercise

    Exercise of the Month – Hip Flexors: Lying Band Exercise

    9th June 2017

    Target Muscle/s: Rectus femoris (quadriceps), psoas, iliacus. Sets & Reps: 3 x 30 seconds or 12 reps Tempo: Isometric (hold for up to 30s), concentric (pull back for 1s, hold for 2s, return for 3s) Frequency: Twice a week strength…

  • Easiest Half Marathon Plan Ever

    Easiest Half Marathon Plan Ever

    8th April 2017

    Thinking about tackling a half marathon? We have the simplest and easiest plan ever to take you from ‘new but regular runner’ to completing a half marathon in three months

  • The Importance of Warm Ups: Are You Ready?

    The Importance of Warm Ups: Are You Ready?

    19th December 2016

    Be honest – do you always warm up before a run? Many of us skip or rush this vital step but a proper pre-run routine will prepare your body for the session ahead. Everyone knows that warming up before running is important, but according to a…

  • Movement Break

    Movement Break

    12th December 2016

    Sitting comfortably? Staying sedentary for too long can jeopardise your running form and increase injury risk. Follow our tips and try these simple exercises to stay strong and supple. In the UK, we spend an average of 9.5 hours per day sitting down. Time spent driving, commuting, sitting…

  • Wild Running: Dark Peak

    Wild Running: Dark Peak

    6th December 2016

    Let us take you on a journey to discover some of Britain’s spectacular mountains, forests and coastal trails, perfect for a wild run. It’s still early as I leave the campsite and start running towards Kinder Reservoir. There’s no one around yet and I…

  • Stress control

    Stress control

    3rd December 2016

    Some of us run to clear our heads, but for many people, the stress of everyday life prohibits enjoyment and motivation we need to get out there. Susan Balfour’s book Stress Control: Stress-Busting Strategies for the 21st Century has some great nuggets…