When race day is looming, whatever the distance may be, the gut reaction is to panic pack in the miles. but what about the quality? In order to get that personal best you’ll need to run faster, not just further.

While it’ll initially be hard to keep up a new pace on your longer runs, interval sessions can be a great way to get used to faster speeds.

Here are four easy to use speed sessions from leading virtual reality training platform Zwift to get you started. On the app you’ll be able to smash your time goals while running alongside other athletes from across the globe.

  1. Speed Freak –  a progressive workout

This progressive workout is at a faster than temp pace and only gets harder as you go on, and may be helpful with discovering your ideal 5km pace.

  1. 4x800m – short and fast 

These 800m intervals are short and painful. Go as fast as you can hold for the duration of the interval, up to the point that you can continue jogging during the rest periods.

  1. 5k Test – time to see how quick you can go

Here we go – full on 5k as fast as you can go. This will set up the foundation for the rest of your training.

  1. Up and Down – a speed builder with variety

This fun speed builder is all about variety and will keep you on your toes.