Ranscombe Winter Challenge

Written by Chris Chandler

Marathon number three of my challenge took me to Ranscombe Nature Reserve in Gravesend. The route is a trail run passing through the north downs, through picturesque woodlands, along the side of a train line, before enjoying even more woodlands and then back to Race HQ.

This is a challenging event and only one lap is needed to be considered as an official finisher. Six laps need to be completed for a marathon and seven or more laps within the 8 hour time limit have to be completed for an ultra marathon.

This is one of my favourite races as the scenery and the views are spectacular. The weather was frosty with ice patches on the ground which made it sparkle. With an icy start, it was slippery underfoot but when the sun came out, it turned some areas into mud making it even more slippery. I finished in a time of 6.23.27 which I’m, happy with and I’m looking forward to the next stage of the challenge.


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