Will Renwick reports back from his third and final day of the island hopping Icebug Xperience trail run in West Sweden

What a good idea to place a finish line right on the edge of a pontoon. I ran straight through the final checkpoint and into the North Sea, relieved to have completed the three-day 75km Icebug Xperience.

And what a race. The route had it all, with big boulder scrambling, short and sharp ascents, narrow trails winding through a maze of thick woodland and little excursions over boardwalks through brightly coloured fishing villages. And they weren’t lying when they said it OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwould be inclusive. At the front of the race were professionals battling it out for three days, and at the back, those who wanted to wander along, take in the scenery and even go for a bit of a swim every now and then.

As I said in my previous blog post, Day Two really took it out of me, but I really wanted to push on on Day Three and make it into the top 30 – and I did! I finished the race 24th out of the 250 who were running. It was a much easier day, with a distance of only 20km this time and, despite a grueling climb to the top of a big lump of an island, it seemed much flatter than the previous day. The trails were also much less technical but no less enjoyable – more beauty, less brutality.

After my post race dip, there was time for one last sauna, and then I was off back to Gothenburg to catch the flight home. West Sweden’s Bohuslän is a spectacular place, and while you don’t necessarily need the Icebug Xperience as a reason to visit the archipelago here, it’ll give you as good and as comprehensive a tour as you’ll get. I’ll be back in 2017.

Keep an eye out for my full review of the Icebug Mists that I wore during the race, it’ll be appearing on RunnersRadar.com soon.