Will Renwick is out on the west coast of Sweden taking part in a quirky island-hopping trail running event. Here’s his report from the second day of the three-day, 75km race

What was I thinking? I’d finished Day One on the Icebug Xperience in 33rd with plenty of gas still in the tank and reckoning I could’ve edged a few places higher. So therefore today I thought I’d see if I could stick with the front pack.

It was going well for the first 15km of this 30km leg, then my legs went like jelly after boulder climb after boulder climb. Sure enough I was swallowed back up with the main body of runners. That would be the last I’d see of the front group, who were doing their best to keep up with Sven Kilander, a pro from Norway. Again, what was I thinking?

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This second leg of the three-day walk or run event started off following right on the edge of one of the many granite islands in this archipelago in west Sweden. It was a hard start, with the route forcing us to scramble over boulders and tiptoe through scree. There was a brief pause to catch a ferry (timers-stopped) and we were then onto another island.

The route then dipped inland to wind us through beautiful woodland on a narrow trail where there was some shelter from sun that had arrived having been nowhere to be seen the day before. But it was ruthlessly hilly. I had nothing left in me for the second half of the day and spent my time counting down the kilometres until each checkpoint where I could scoff pastry and bananas.

I finished the day in 30th with a time of 2:48, and I’m pretty happy with that. After crossing the line I fell into a boat which took us on a stunning journey through the archipelago and back to our lodgings at Ramsvik – to sauna and beer. One more day.