A gentle run ends in drama

It was all going so well! Being way ahead on the mileage at this stage, I was upping my distance a sensible ten days apart and really not struggling fitness-wise or physically with the increase in training. Until. A ‘short’ 10km run with my club one cold evening ended in a bit of a drama. About half way round, I started to feel a bit of oddness in my right knee. These things happen quite often, and I usually find I can run it off, but as I carried on, a sort-of cramp crept through the outside of my lower leg too. I mentioned it to one of the run leaders but didn’t think it would be a problem. Then we stopped to let a few people catch up with us. Ugh. I just couldn’t find a stretch to make it better and, as soon as we got going again, a stabbing pain brought me to complete stop. Luckily, it didn’t hurt to walk so I could get home fairly easily but the following day was agony and the next few days saw the pain travel around my hip, leg, knee and ankle.

So it was time to take action. I went to see Running’s brilliant biomechanics specialist, who diagnosed an ITB problem and sorted me out with some exercises involving foam rolling, resistance band and other kinds of torture. Now I have to wait five days til I try running. Sarah says, ‘Stay positive!’ Might be easier said than done…

Amy is running the Virgin Money London Marathon with Holiday Inn, official hotel partner