London marathon training – Setting different goals can help you avoid disappointment

The big day is creeping up and I have to admit I’m worried that my fitness levels aren’t what they were. My ‘minor’ injury has just taken so long to come back from and despite swimming as much as I can, I’ve been struggling on my last few long runs. I’m not a hugely competitive person, until it comes to myself, and I know how well I could have done before my set-back, which means anything slower will most likely result in disappointment.

So I’ve decided to look at it in a different way, and set different goals. Number one, of course, is to finish. Number two is to run the whole thing, however slowly; no walking. Number three is to ENJOY MYSELF. Another thing that will help take away the stress is my decision to stay at the Holiday Inn in Stratford the night before. I initially dismissed this idea as I wanted to stay in my own bed, but they are operating a shuttle bus service to the startline, which swung it for me – no stress in the morning, just let someone else get me to the right place. Plus I don’t have to make my own breakfast then, as they have all the stuff I would normally choose the morning before a race (bananas, muesli, copious amounts of coffee…).

Holiday Inn – Official Hotel Partner of the Virgin Money London Marathon