In the run up to the London Marathon – remembering the importance of cross training


Screen-Shot-2016-03-30-at-15.12.27It worked! Every damn morning for the past fortnight, I’ve been diligently rolling around on the floor like an idiot and now I am running again! A tentative 30-minute run a few days
ago ended with no pain so I embarked on a further, 40-minute run yesterday.

The only slight issue is that my knee feels sort-of ‘flimsy’ but that’s ok, I have a ridiculous exercise to help with that. I’ve been thinking a lot about why this happened and it seems to coincide with my decline in cross training.

I’m well aware of the importance of not only running, and have always been a gym member as well, but a few months ago I switched gyms and wasn’t really feeling it at the new place. So I quit and decided I would start swimming instead. Trouble is, I really do find swimming tedious (due to an old shoulder injury I can only do breast stroke) and I suppose over time I was bothering less and less. So I’ve dug out the kit and put it back into my weekly routine. Plus a Pilates session every week, as advised by Sarah Russell. Whatever time I make at the marathon will be a PB, as it’s my first one, but I want to make it a really good one if I can!

Amy is running the Virgin Money London Marathon with Holiday Inn, official hotel partner