Inspiring Runner

  • Inspiring Runner: Steven Waterson

    Inspiring Runner: Steven Waterson

    3rd December 2016

    A formidably fit army chef, Steven lost his sight during brain surgery in 2009. But this hasn’t stopped him from running marathons. In 2003, Steven Waterston suffered a brain haemorrhage and was diagnosed with a large scale arterio venous malformation (AVM) which was potentially fatal…

  • Olivia Breen, Paralympic sprinter

    Olivia Breen, Paralympic sprinter

    24th August 2016

    We speak to Olivia Breen, sprinter and long jumper about the road to Rio, the sacrifices she makes for her sport and what's next on the horizon

  • Inspiring Runner: Jamie Ramsay

    23rd December 2015

    British Adventure Runner Jamie Ramsay is running c.17,000km from Vancouver to Buenos Aires, averaging a marathon per day to raise money for CALM, Macmillan and WaterAid. My first memory of running was aged about 10. It was a school run and a teacher who…