Written by Pauline Wilson


Ladies on the Run came about simply because I love exercise, the great outdoors and my dogs. I thought it would be fun to start up an exercise group where like minded women could get together, increase their fitness levels and have fun whilst exercising with their dogs.

ww2I have a background in sports development and a passion for dogs but no real fitness qualification so I knew I needed help to get this off the ground. We now have Maria, a qualified personal trainer on board who makes sure we stay safe and on track.

We deliberately have a small group so we can concentrate on each individual’s personal fitness goals. With small numbers, we can also make sure all the dogs are happy and having fun at the same time.

ww1At the end of the running / walking / hill work sessions which take place in a beautiful Scottish country park, the dogs get a well deserved rest and a drink while Maria takes the humans in the group through a circuit. This includes functional exercises and a boxercise session which always produces hoots of laughter and occasionally vents frustration after a hard day at work!

As a group, our main goal is to complete a Munro by spring 2017 which we are well on track for. The dogs seem excited about this and are fully supporting their humans.

After the completion of the Munro who knows what we might achieve; the world is our oyster or sausage for the dogs.


Editor’s note: we love the t-shirts!

Photographs: Curious Sloth Photography