Hansons First Marathon: Step Up to 26.2 the Hansons Way offers a smart, friendly guide to preparing for a first marathon.

The coaches of America’s top running team, the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, break down the marathon’s daunting 26.2 miles into achievable daily workouts for runners of any ability and experience level. Hansons First Marathon is available now in bookstores, running shops, and online. See more at velopress.com/hansons.

Hansons First Marathon has a marathon training program for everyone—from new runners to short-distance competitors looking to step up to the marathon distance for the first time. Four detailed and specific plans meet individuals where they are with a plan targeted just for them, so that they can cross the finish line feeling strong and in control.

Hansons First Marathon covers everything runners need to know, including:

  • What type of runner you are and which plan you will need
  • The types of workouts and how (and why) to do them
  • Stretching, strength training, nutrition, hydration, and recovery
  • How to navigate the crucial final 6 weeks before your race
  • Setting an ideal marathon race strategy that puts you in control

Marathons are an exciting, rewarding challenge for runners of all abilities, and the process is as important as the finish. Hansons First Marathon will set any first-time marathoner up for success.

Hansons First Marathon: Step Up to 26.2 the Hansons Way

  • Luke Humphrey with Keith & Kevin Hanson
  • Paperback with illustrations, charts, and tables throughout.
  • 6″ x 9″, 312 pp., $18.95, 9781937715793