The Running  Magazine team take a look at Lizzy Hawker’s ode to ultra running

Lizzy HawkerIf you read Runner by Lizzy Hawker you’ll never want to read another book about running ever again… because you’ll know that nothing will ever some close. It is, without doubt, the most moving, articulate and inspirational thing I’ve ever read. As you turn the pages, you go on a journey deep into the mind and heart of one of the greatest – yet most modest and understated – mountain runners in the world. Less an autobiography and more simply ‘Lizzy’s story’, she shares her most intimate thoughts; her joy, her pain and the challenges of her life. She writes from the heart, her words so articulate and emotive you feel you could be running alongside her.

Lizzy Hawker is one of the most decorated and accomplished ultra runners we’ve ever seen (she has won the UTMB five times and holds the World Record for 24 hours on the road), yet her achievements are almost by accident. She runs simply for the love of running, to be at one with nature and to ‘feed her soul’ with the mountains and people who live there. I felt like I could relate to every word and it made me want to head to the mountains and ‘feed my soul’ too. Inspirational, moving and deeply touching, Runner isn’t just about running. It is a book about life, love, perspective and resilience. It’s about what running teaches us and what we can learn from it for our life journey.

Aurum Press £12.99