Written by, Nicholas Turner, this is a running book like no other. The stories are those of an unremarkable man who sleepwalked into what transpired to be a series of remarkable running adventures around the world as he completed 100 marathons.

Nicholas TurnerAdventures which traversed highs and lows, from glorious ultramarathon victories and befriending natives to ignominious withdrawals and encounters with the local constabulary in three different countries. In short, the stuff of a mother’s nightmares, but a barroom dream. As the title implies, this book might not be one for the running purists, but it hopefully shows that even long distance running can be pursued without unduly sacrificing less wholesome aspects of life. It is a book primarily intended to make the reader smile and persuade them to run a little (for the non-runners) or a little more (for the runners).

Our review:

Whether you run, or wonder why people run, this book will make you smile. The author takes you through each marathon one at a time in short, easy to digest, chapters. Nicholas’ journey to completing the century is certainly not an advisory guide on marathon running but it does give pause for thought, that reaching the elusive 100 could be possible for any one of us.

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