Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, Running Science is a must read for anyone interested in the science behind the sport.

Running is deceptively simple. At its most basic, you need only shoes and comfortable clothes. Yet each time you lace up, all your body’s moving parts must work together to achieve a gait that will keep you injury free.

As a Sports Scientist and Running magazine columnist, John Brewer, and his expert contributors, has read hundreds of scientific studies and breaks down their findings in Running Science. Each chapter explores a different aspect of the sport through a series of questions which are answered carefully and constructively.

We have had the opportunity to read this book and it contains everything you need to know about running, and more. It covers biomechanics, nutrition, psychology, health and injury prevention, and the technical development of shoes and running surfaces to name a few headline areas. It’s accessible, entertaining and the graphics contained within each topic are perfect illustrations to accompany the words. The structure, made up of questions, makes it conversational and easy to read from cover to cover, as well as being able to dip in and out, depending on which area of the sport you’re working on. Every runner needs this in their life!

Running Science is Published by Ivy Press, RRP £20. To order a copy, click here.