Sportstest offers fitness testing, training programmes and fully bespoke coaching for runners, cyclists and triathletes of all levels. This is your opportunity to benefit, whether you are working towards a spring marathon, or looking to improve your 1Ok personal best, this amazing prize will have you performing at peak fitness.

The lucky prize winner will benefit from a one-to-one appointment with  Dr Garry Palmer, lasting approximately 2.5 hours at the Sportstest facility in the West Midlands. In addition you will receive full coaching from Dr Palmer for three months to help you get to an event of your choice in peak fitness!

The coaching offered by Sportstest is a totally bespoke service that provides you with your own personalised training plans. These are checked and updated weekly, and supported with  unlimited communication with your coach. All training plans will be based on the most current scientific knowledge. Unlike other coaching providers, plans are not generated by a computer, or anyone other than Dr Palmer.

With running coaching from Sportstest you can be assured of receiving a bespoke training programme that:

  • Is specific to your needs, targeted towards your goals and aims.
  • Has total flexibility and can be updated as often as you need.
  • Offers best use of your time allowing you to train smarter and reduce the chances of illness, over-training or injury.
  • Provides weekly updates supported by unlimited contact with your coach via telephone, text, email or internet messaging.
  • Uses scientific principles and provides on-going analysis of your training data (heart rate and/or power files).

The Initial Appointment Will Include:

  • An assessment of your training history (to see where enhancements can be made).
  • Full consideration of your running-specific goals.
  • Assessment of your physical characteristics, to include accurate measurement of weight and body fat, and optimal (but sensible) targets for you to achieve your ideal race weight.
  • Provision of nutritional targets (where appropriate).
  • Full running physiological assessment.
  • Calculation of fuel utilisation at race intensities (if required).
  • Provision of scientifically determined (not predicted) heart rate training zones, specific to running.
  • An individual tutorial on training programme design.
  • Planning of training phases, specific to your needs, to help meet your performance goals.
  • Plus, the chance to ask any running training related queries you may have!


For more information about Sportstest, please visit the website.


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