Something to get your teeth stuck into!

These chews are great for long runs or races. Try on of the Running Magazine team’s favourites.

[1] Honey Stinger Chews (£27 for a box of 12)

Honey Stinger

Natural chews made from honey. Small and easy to eat, they sit well in the stomach and taste great. In cherry cola, pomegranate, limeade, and pink lemonade. Pack provides 38g carbs.

[2] Clif Bar Shot Bloks (£46 for a box of 18)

Clif Bar Bloks

These easy-to-eat chews are 95 per cent organic, and provide a quick and convenient energy boost for long runs and races. They include electrolytes, and some flavours have added caffeine. Three blocks provide 24g carbs.

[3] Skratch Labs Fruit Energy Chews (£21.95 for a box of 10)

Skratch Labs Fruit

New in the UK, these natural chews are made with real fruit with added electrolytes. They work with other Skratch Lab products to provide the perfect hydration strategy. In raspberry and orange. 40g carbs in a pack. or