This week, adidas announces the first official UK release of AlphaEdge 4D, a high performance running shoe featuring midsoles crafted with light and oxygen using Digital Light Synthesis technology.

AlphaEdge 4DDigital Light Synthesis is a breakthrough process pioneered by CARBON that uses digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins to generate high performance, durable polymeric product.

The shoe was first unveiled at the adidas 747 Warehouse St event in Los Angeles in February this year and the upcoming limited release allows UK consumers to get their hands on the innovative footwear for the first time.

AlphaEdge 4D, the next level of the Futurecraft 4D product, is designed based on the brand’s extensive library of athlete running data and crafted with CARBON’s Digital Light Synthesis technology. The midsole is a single component featuring precisely engineered zones that addresses different needs of running such as propulsion, cushioning, stability, and comfort. The midsole comprises of over 20,000 struts that can be individually tuned to provide more control on energy return required for a specific function. These struts make up three key performance zones:

  • Heel Zone: Lattice geometry designed to optimized cushioning and absorb first heel impact.
  • Transition Zone: Seamless bridge design provides smoother heel to toe transition, with sidewalls supporting and guiding runner through gait cycle.
  • Forefoot Zone: Structure designed to propel runner forward.

The shoe’s upper features heat-pressed, TPU-coated fibers that are stitched to provide targeted support and lightweight durability. The unique midsole provides enhanced comfort and flexibility, alongside engineered mesh, a lightweight, breathable second skin that ensures a supportive, comfortable fit.

Andy Barr, Global Category Director adidas Running said:

‘With AlphaEdge 4D our goal is to enhance the athlete’s preparation for their sport. Running is the foundation of every athlete’s training and at adidas we understand that each athlete exhibits different movement patterns based on their sport, stature and gender. 4D technology unlocks the opportunity for us to deliver a product that accommodates these differences allowing the athlete to focus on the run.”

AlphaEdge 4D will be available in limited numbers from 31st May 2018 via the adidas app priced at £229.95. Consumers can register their details on the app and will be notified when reservations  open to secure their shoes.