Smart insole and GPS-enabled training pod opens pre-order this week.

ARION, a brand new wearable that turns your own shoe into a running lab has just opened pre-orders on Developed off the back of over seven years of research at some of the top institutes across Europe, the next-generation intelligent wearable is available to pre-order now, with a limited offer from just £75.

Using ultra-thin smart insoles and GPS-enabled training pods that work with a complementary app and dashboard, ARION offers continuous gait analysis and live feedback on the way you run through Artificial Intelligence. These pressure-sensitive insoles communicate via Bluetooth to any mobile device and connect you to your running technique, helping improve performance, reduce injury risks and enhance your running experience.

Its dashboard is centered around a powerful AI coaching engine which creates training programs based on your data, breaking down your running technique to allow you to focus on one aspect at a time, such as cadence, stride length, or any one of over 20 metrics monitored by ARION. This simplifies and accelerates the learning process, allowing you to understand your running technique and adapt it accordingly.

In addition to offering live feedback as you run with automated coaching and audio feedback, runners can also log in to the subscription-free online dashboard to compare their runs, track their progress and analyse all their running metrics. The dashboard also allows you to connect with other runners and coaches and get expert advice from professionals when required.

Ultra-thin smart insoles: The smart, flexible and razor-thin ARION insoles come in four sizes and slip neatly under your existing running shoe insoles. With 8 sensors accurately measuring how your foot hits the ground, they automatically create a personalised training programme just for you

GPS-enabled training pods: The waterproof ARION training pods seamlessly sync to your phone or smartwatch via Bluetooth, providing valuable data on your running technique. Featuring high visibility LEDs for safe running at night, you can choose to set the LEDS to any color you like to fit your mood or simply to match your running kit and shoes. The pods provide real-time feedback with a battery life of around 7 hours. On-board GPS means you have the freedom to leave your phone at home, allowing you complete freedom with your running.

ARION app and dashboard: The ARION app helps you improve your running technique through automated coaching and audio feedback. The system measures key running parameters including strike index, stride length, cadence, balance, stability, impact, contact time, pronation, vertical oscillation, pace, route, duration and distance, and creates automated training programs based on these measurements. It also allows you to analyse results on your own, take full control of your training and design your own schedule. Simply open the ARION dashboard to compare your runs, track your progress and connect to runners and coaches for expert advice

Andrew Statham, Co-founder of ARION says “We are so excited to launch ARION, which has been ten years in the making. The product makes more than seven years of cutting-edge research accessible to consumers, putting the needs of real runners at the heart of it. Whilst many products currently available in the wearable electronics market measure parameters such as speed, distance, heart rate, calories burned, etc., providing a lot of information about what you have been doing, ARION addresses the question “how do I run?”, allowing runners to benefit from the latest running research and exercise science. Developed by runners, for runners, we wanted to make biomechanics and exercise science more accessible and connect people to their running technique in a way that has never been possible before.”

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