Super-charge your workout with this great selection of beginner’s strength training gear

Battling Rope, £104.99; Rope Anchor, £19.99

Make workouts fun and unconventional, not to mention high intensity! Works the entire body, improving core/overall strength. Also improves grip strength. Worth getting a lesson from a pro though before using them.

The Grid (X) foam roller, £31.58

Designed to break down tight and trouble spots on the calves, quads, hamstrings, back, shoulders and lats. The three-dimensional surface has been designed with a variety of widths to replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands helping the flow of blood and oxygen needed to repair muscles. Use every day, and take it with you on holidays!


ViPR, from £121.55 (depending on size/weight)

This concept evolved from purposeful, loaded movement to build strength. Improves your functional mobility, full body strength and power, enhances balance and coordination. An effective high intensity, fat-burning workout.


TRX, from £199.95

Set up your home gym for an all-in-one bodyweight workout with TRX. Provides a functional set of strength exercises with handles and three different types of angles for maximum versatility. Try TRX Home or TRX Pro. Comes with six workout cards. The Pro comes with trainer video.


Medicine balls, from £13.50 (depending on weight)

Available at any major sporting outlet

A great way to mix resistance training and core workouts into your sessions. Also good for toning arms, working back muscles and thoracic region. Available in weights of 1kg – 9kg.


Steel Competition Kettlebells, from £37.99

Designed with 35mm diameter handles, each kettlebell has a large base for greater stability, helping you to perform exercises in a safe and efficient way. An extremely effective way to train your body in almost every aspect of fitness, including endurance, strength, agility and balance.


Power bag, from £50.40 (depending on weight)

Diverse training tool with handles that offers functional ‘use anywhere’ medicine ball work and core stability training. Can be used in a variety of ways: squats, walking lunges, chest press, shoulder press or explosive throw drills. Lighter bags can be used with a training partner to throw, catch and move.


Bosu, £61.50

Great for improving your proprioception and core strength. Helps strengthen feet, calves, glutes, legs. Can be integrated with all types of fitness training, or used as a stand alone functional tool. Includes DVD, manual and pump.