Written by Fiona Duffy

We runners are creatures of habit. When we find the ‘right’ shoe brand it will take hell or high water to make us even consider switching to another – particularly one that’s almost half the price and from a well-known High Street store.

But Decathlon have achieved the impossible with their new Kalenji Kiprun MT Trail Running Shoes.

Slipping into the women’s version is like coming home. The shoes feel comfortable, supported and secure without any fiddling with, or adjusting, the laces. So far so good. Out in the open, they exceed all expectations. The sole’s large surface area and new cushioning concepts provide great support (making light work of stony, sharp terrain) and while 5mm lugs give impressive grip in mud and frost.

Breathable materials ensure the feet stay cool and dry (bizarrely, even in driving rain or dew-laden grass) and any post-run dampness quickly evaporates (without having to stuff the shoes with newspaper or bed them down in the airing cupboard).

The best thing about these is the price. At £59.99 they’re a good £40 cheaper than the brand I’ve stuck to faithfully for 15 years.

Within just a few minutes of running in these, I was a convert and they’re now my ‘go-to’ shoe for off-road running.

I’m not the only one who’s impressed. Reviews on the website all give the same glowing feedback.

DecathlonThe new trail range also includes impressive kit both in terms of performance and appearance. The women’s top (Women’s Short-Sleeved Perf Trail Running T-Shirt – £19.99) has a snug fit so be prepared to move up a size but we were impressed with the gossamer-light, breathable, fabric which screams quality. The skort  (Women’s Trail Running Skort – £15.99) shorts with a skirt for those who like a bit more coverage – also features handy pockets for little essentials on long runs. One such must-have is the 500ml Flexible Trail Running Water Bottle (£7.99) which compresses as you drink and folds down to virtually nothing once empty.

The men’s range looks equally impressive. All-in-all a great launch featuring top-shelf performance at a bottom-shelf price.

For more information, please visit the website.