Sarah Russell tried out Dexshell Waterproof socks for 1 year. This is what she made of them…

Dexshell sock

Dexshell Waterproof Bamboo Ultralite socks, £19.95

I  do most of my running on the trails of East Sussex. Stunning views, tough hills and exceptionally muddy. And when I say ‘muddy’ I mean muddy! Proper, wet, sticky relentless mud… The sort that comes up to your knees, gets under your toenails and takes forever to scrub off your feet. I’m therefore always on the lookout for waterproof socks and have tried all sorts of brands over the years. I discovered the little known brand ‘Dexshell’ about a year ago and now I don’t wear anything else.


Dexshell waterproof socks are made from a three-layer construction: inner breathable layer, waterproof ‘porelle’ membrane in the middle, and a durable outer shell. There is a wide choice of options including thermal, coolvent for summer and bamboo (my latest discovery), with varying lengths and socks for running, cycling and hiking too.


They really do work. I can run for a couple of hours through thick mud and rivers – I’ve even stood in a river for a few minutes – and still have completely dry feet on the inside! It’s hard to believe but it’s true. Blisters are a thing of the past and my feet are kept toasty warm and dry.


To be fair, any of the range is pretty amazing. The coolvent sock is great for summer, and the Hytherm Pro for winter (with merino wool). My latest discovery however is the Bamboo ultralite sock. It’s not designed specifically for running, but works just as well. It’s a little thinner than the others and a shorter length on the ankle. I love the bamboo inner which is soft and breathable against the skin.


My Dexshell socks take a lot of abuse, but they wash well and are still going strong (and still waterproof) after 20+ wears/washes. Don’t tumble dry them though; that breaks down the inner waterproof membrane. Leave them to drip dry and they’ll serve you well.

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