The specialist clothing accessory brand Extremities has launched a new range of reflective gloves and hats for runners; perfect for improving visibility in low light conditions as well as protecting from the elements.

ExtremitiesOne of the best reflective gloves for runners is the Maze Runner glove which also comes with a matching took style hat. Designed with Extremities X Glo reflective technology, the hat and gloves look subdued in daylight but come alive in a reflective rainbow when hit by bright lights in dark conditions.  Runners can feel safer as they are more visible to passing cars in low light conditions. The gloves and hat are also windproof, keeping windchill at bay on wintry runs and there’s touchscreen technology on the gloves too, making it quick and easy to use devices without exposing hands to the elements.

The Reflective Thinny Touch Glove is perfect for those runners looking for a lightweight, knitted style. They include hidden reflectivity in the stripes around the glove and show their worth when daylight fades. The close-fitting gloves also have touchscreen fingers and thumbs enabling phone use without fingers getting chilly and too much disruption to a run.

Our Review

We’ve been running in the Maze Runner hat and gloves for the last few days and we love them. They the perfect addition to any winter running gear and as the weather is set to get colder, we know that we’re going to be turning to these to accompany every run. They’re snug, without being tight and warm, without allowing overheating. The reflective nature of the kit offers added safety when running in the evening, and they gloves especially are the envy of our running club buddies!

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