Award winning manufacturer of powered light safety products, FHOSS Safety Wear, has launched a brand new range of glow in the dark, LED light products giving runners piece of mind when out during hours of low light or darkness.

Made from flexible polymer material, the FHOSS LED Belt provides 360-degree night-time safety for runners. With an adjustable strap, this one-size-fits-all, glow-in-the-dark belt has two light settings and a waterproof battery pack to allow users to change batteries when necessary.

FHOSSThe FHOSS Clip-on Magnet light provides additional safety for runners while out after dark. Powered by a 100-hour replaceable battery, the light, which comes in a range of colours, conveniently attaches to running tops, jackets or other accessories, providing runners with additional luminosity.

Andrew Kimitri, Founder & CEO of FHOSS, who has to date focused his product ranges on the construction sectors says: “We are really excited to be launching this new range of safety products for runners. We feel that these products, which have been developed over a period of time, will help to keep runners safe during hours of darkness. Unlike traditional reflective tape, our technology allows runners to be seen without the need for an external light source, such as a car light, to be shining onto them. With our new products, runners can be rest assured that they can be seen at all times and in all light conditions.”

The LED belt and Clip-on Magnet complements the FHOSS Armband which was launched in Spring 2016. Also powered by a 100,000 hour replaceable battery, the Armband comes in two sizes and fits to wrists, arms, legs or around a running belt to provide 360-degree visibility.

Our Review

We’ve been running with the FHOSS gear over the last couple of weeks and love the versatility combined with the safety features. The belt is comfortable to wear and is certainly bright! It’s now part of the essential ‘after work’ run kit and we’ve been using the armband for added visibility. The clip on magnet has been attached to rucksacks and we have found it’s also perfect to attach to a dog’s harness, whether running or walking!

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