Running gear stories that have us hooked

Watch your progress


This is the new Garmin Forerunner® 735XT, and the first device to come with the Strava Live Suffer Score app preinstalled which records HR data – and it’s Connect IQ compatible (which has lots of free custom apps).

Includes Elevate wrist HR technology and comes in four colour options.


Buzz off!


Itchy bites are inevitable when training at this time of the year, but with summer morning/evening events starting up, this lightweight wrist band could be perfect for warding off mozzies.

Can can be worn on the wrist or ankle and it’s only £7!

Bag it up


The CityBrix commuter bag is divided into a tarpaulin-lined ‘play’ section for gym gear and a ‘work’ section including a fur-lined pocket for a laptop. Looks smart for work and easily accessible when in the gym. We’ve been using it all month and love it!

Put a sock in it


Hate sock tanlines? No Show socks, £10 from Sealskinz, won’t peek above your trainers but still deliver great features including blister-busting double layer construction, elasticated instep and quick-drying fabric.

We’ve given them a go and think they’re a good option for summer.

Sleeping soundly


Here’s one to try if you struggle to sleep. You can wear this music SleepPhones headband to help you sleep, or just for relaxation.

Flat speakers inside make it streamlined plus it’s soft and comfy.