Video: Three individuals explain how running has helped them to overcome obstacles in their lives

Running against adversity

Starring in the video are:

  • Christopher Goddard: A 25 year old who was diagnosed with MS last year and has faced his illness with an incredible determination. Running has been one of the ways he has become more active after his diagnosis, refusing to allow his illness to keep him down.
  • Maxine Langtree: This quite extraordinary 68 year old started running at 66 and is now running 10ks alongside people 50 years her junior. Motivated by her sister’s death from cancer, she now says she is fitter than she was in her forties.
  • Emma O’Gorman: Like many people, Emma had a New Year’s Eve wakeup call when she realised that she was living an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle. Having quite smoking and started running, Emma is now much healthier and is a great example for anyone looking to improve their health.

Unlock the power within

The film is part of Duracell’s campaign to help runners of the UK unlock their own power within to go further. Duracell is officially powering the Great Run Series that sees 180,000 runners compete annually across the UK and includes marquee events such as the Great Manchester Run, the Great Newham London Run – which concludes with a lap inside the Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – and the world’s biggest mass participation running event, the famous Great North Run.

Main image by OnEdition