The Cloudrush is a light competition shoe featuring the unique On technology: 18 low-profile CloudTec® elements made of Rebound Rubber to spur the wearer on to keep up the pace and maintain an efficient running style that combines performance and comfort.

The Cloudrush is a genuine specialist shoe for endurance and interval runs. It’s extremely comfortable with its ultra-light skeletal-structure upper, its heel construction with an extra EVA layer and its adaptive inner sock, the shoe fits as if it had been moulded around the foot. The stylish Cloudrush even features smartly-placed reflectors for better night-run visibility.

“The best thing about my Ons is the amazing running sensation they give me,” says On athlete Caroline Steffen. “The light-as-a-feather landing and the powerful takeoff just make me less tired. And my whole run feels so much more dynamic.”

This unmistakable sensation, which all On fans enthuse about, is a hallmark of the brand-new Cloudrush, too. With its 5-millimetre heel-toe offset the Cloudrush is very direct, while its individual Cloud elements absorb the landing impact on every stride. The thin Speedboard flexplate permits efficient contact with the ground at fast running pace. And the concept of bandaging the foot at critical points has been incorporated into the new upper’s skeletal-structure design, where multiple bands ensure optimum support with minimum weight.

The Cloudrush is available now priced at £120. With the company’s selective distribution strategy, On shoes are stocked by some 3,000 specialist stores all over the world.

Elite athletes, Olympic medallists and world champions have all won races using On’s unique technology. Wearers of Ons have already graced over 250 international podiums at marathons, triathlons, ultra-distance events, mountain marathons, trail and orienteering runs and track and field meetings.

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