Sarah Russell tells us about her long-term test using a Varidesk

The Varidesk is an adjustable standing desk allowing you to either sit or stand at your computer to work. The height is easily adjusted with handles at the side, so you can go from sitting to standing in literally 2 seconds. It is sturdy, strong and very well made. It only took 10 minutes to get it out of the box and set up with my computer on my desk. It sits on top of your existing desk, so you need to make sure you have space.

Why stand?

We are all becoming more aware of the dangers of inactivity and excessive sitting. Some medics are calling ‘sitting’ the new ‘smoking’ in terms of the dangers to our health, linking it to cancer, heart disease and obesity. Making a few simple changes to your desk and working environment can have a huge impact on your health and weight. For runners it’s even more important not to spend hour upon hour sat at your desk. Keeping as active as you can during the day may help reduce your risk of running injuries, and using a standing desk can be part of that proactive process. You can even do a few drills and stretches as you stand up to work! Even though I’m an active runner, I still have a job which involves working at a computer for long periods (writing articles for this magazine). I absolutely detest sitting still and over the years have tried all sorts of chairs including sitting on a fitball and a kneeling chair, in a vain attempt to combat inactive glutes, backache and just general ‘fidgetiness’. I’ve been looking for a solution for a while and even put my computer on books to lift it up… it didn’t work. Luckily I heard about the Varidesk and it has been the answer to my prayers. It is an affordable, simple and accessible solution. What I love most about it is the flexibility and how you can sit for a bit, then stand for a bit.. I don’t believe just ‘standing’ all day long, is good for us either. A ‘standing’ desk alone wouldn’t give you that option. It is big enough to have papers, a phone and files either wide of the keyboard and screen and plenty of space for a mouse too. I love the texture of the surface and it feels solid to type on (something I’d been worried about).

It really is the ultimate solution and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I’ve paired my Varidesk with the Bambach Saddle Seat and I think I may have found the perfect desk set up!

Sarah used the Varidesk Pro Plus (£335) for three months. There are various options available in different sizes and prices ranging from £295 to £545. Comes in white or black. Find out more and purchase at: