NWTNLabs, a leader in performance wearables, today announces the launch of RUNVI, the smart insoles that provide real measurement to help health and fitness lovers achieve their goals more efficiently, on Kickstarter.

RUNVI features accurate power and performance measurement, real-time coaching and personalised dynamic training plans, building a full biomechanics profile to personalise training experiences. Unlike other health and fitness wearables, RUNVI doesn’t include visible clip-pons or bulky gadgets which can complicate and compromise performance. All features have been expertly designed to fit into sleek and stylish SMART insoles that fit neatly into regular running shoes and trainers.

“We want to bring leading wearable technology to the masses and we’re excited to launch our RUNVI Kickstarter campaign,” said Christoph v. Brockhusen, founder and CEO of NWTN-Labs. “With our leading-edge sensor and AI technology, we’re working on connected health and fitness products for everyday use, helping everyone achieve their health and fitness goals more efficiently.”

A running lab in your shoe

RUNVI combines training science and leading-edge sensor and AI technology in a SMART insole – than any fitness tracker or running app.

Running techniques and overall performance can be measured and analysed to every last detail using key running metrics. This data can be used to optimise techniques, as well as reduce the risk of injury.

RUNVI’s power-meter, Power, gives fitness fans continuous measurement, which guides effective training. It will improve technique, control pace on any terrain or distance, allowing training to carry on for longer.

Unlocking your fitness potential

RUNVI’s AI technology measures and analyses data during runs, as well as provides motivational and personalised voice and audio coaching in real-time. Like a personal trainer, the real-time coach will warn users when they’re risking injury or fatigue, or if a technique isn’t optimal.

Once a user sets their goals, RUNVI will create adaptive training plans – the more it is used, the smarter it gets. Taking data from individual running techniques, and historical and real-time performances, training plans are dynamic and continuously optimised.

Rich and intuitive user experience

RUNVI’s mobile application delivers feedback specifically tailored to the user and their goals. It can be synced with iPhones and Apple Watches, integrating with HealthKit and sharing data with its community, encouraging friendly competition between users. Paired with a mobile device, exercisers can track their route using GPS, as well as monitor distance, speed, time and altitude.

The app recognises and tracks activities such as walking, running, standing, sitting, stairs and cycling – catering for all manner of health and fitness lovers. It also provides educational content and coaching videos, known as Running Academy.