We’ve been hanging on to the Saucony Ride 8 shoes for a while now before giving you our opinion on them – partly because we wanted to make sure the amazingly comfortable cushioning would last…

And it has. Putting these shoes on makes you feel like you’re about to make a cuppa and plonk yourself in front of the TV for the night, not go out for a run and, once you’re out there striding the streets, it still does feel a little odd at first if you’re used to a less cushioned shoe.

This ultra-protected feel comes from materials that compress between the foot and running surface so the shoe itself doesn’t look or feel any bigger for the cushioned effect. It’s a neutral shoe with a high-ish 8mm heel drop and we were very happy on track or path with them, but wouldn’t really recommend them for off-road running. Saucony’s FlexFilm upper enhances the fit of the shoe without using excessive internal stitching, so you’re less likely to find any rubbing on your foot, which we like, of course.

This is a good shoe for mid-distances and training and at £110 it’s priced very fairly.