How to get Parkrun barcodes on your Garmin

Ever wondered how to do away with the little paper barcode from your Parkrun? We have all been crossed the finish line, desperately seeking out our little code, or checking our pockets trying to find the little thing, knowing we stashed it before the race.

Well it’s really easy you can now put the barcode on a little app on your Garmin watch, so once you have logged the run and saved you can easily find the code on your watch.

  1. Firstly download the ‘barcode wallet’ from the Connect IQ store.
  2. Then open the app and in the settings screen look for the first barcode slot.
  3. Enter the following: Parkrun;code128;AXXXXX, with your number park run A code as the XXXX.
  4. The barcode should be available on the app on your watch.

If you still are not able to do this, Rachel D has pulled together this awesome little tutorial – How to get Parkrun barcodes on your Garmin