Hitting the streets is something that’s become increasingly popular within the UK over the last five years, and a lot of those people are heading into competitive running events and marathons.

UNBOWND, the compression wear brand who hit the sportswear market late last year, are keen to explain the benefits of their unique gear specifically for runners, and why it has been embraced as the next big thing for performance sportswear within the running world.

The research study of UNBOWND’s compression wear has claimed to show peak power gains of up to 4.5%, 77% more blood lactate removal after a 30-minute recovery period, and reductions in time of completion of up to 6.13% during an 8km bike ride, compared to no use of compression. In addition, studies carried out by The University of Birmingham, also claim that it reduces your diastolic blood pressure by 5.48%.  These benefits are said to all add up to create a fully rounded, incomparable training experience, leaving you to focus on your goals.

Oscar Ryndziewicz, founder at UNBOWND said, “after suffering a sports injury back in 2015, I realised that, whilst having to tape my knee and invest in compression sleeves, recovery can be laborious, and expensive – that’s when I came up with the idea of UNBOWND.  There are so many benefits for using compression wear for cyclists, and proprioceptive benefits of K-Tape, and we’re excited that the UK market is taking us seriously.  Anyone who uses compression wear in their running regime already knows the benefits, but we thought we’d give people who’ve not yet come across it, some facts”.

Here’s UNBOWND’s breakdown of what compression wear is, and how it can help people to perform at their best:

What is compression wear?

For a long time, compression has been used in the medical profession with the aim of treating circulation issues like lymphedema, post-surgery swelling and deep vein thrombosis. Now, it can be seen used in sports in the form of ‘k-tape’ and compression socks, as donned by Paula Radcliffe, as it can aid in muscle recovery and increase performance levels.

Compression wear looks like most other running gear, and can be seen in the form of socks, shorts, tops and leggings. However, it’s not just about wearing really tight gear. With specialist manufacturers such as UNBOWND, integrated technology allows you to wear a simple top and leggings that begin to stimulate muscles before you even head out of the door.

What are the benefits of compression wear?

Well-designed, graduated compression wear can improve blood and lymphatic flow, which increases delivery of oxygen to the muscles. UNBOWND boast that their measured graduated compression wear can help guard against muscle injury and speed up recovery allowing you to train again sooner with less aches and pains.  It improves circulation which reduces muscle fatigue and soreness felt by the build-up of lactic acid, in turn, boosting performance and recovery.

What is unique about UNBOWND’s compression wear?

UNBOWND compression wear is designed and developed with qualified physiotherapy and industry experts, ensuring that their integrated tape is scientifically positioned so you can be guaranteed that it is placed correctly to cover the right joints, muscles and tissues that need it most to guard against injury and promote recovery. It is the only patent pending integrated tape compression wear to be backed by independent scientific research by the University of Birmingham.

UNBOWNDS graduated compression profile is designed to replicate the levels that elite athletes wear so you can reap the additional benefits of reduced muscle vibration and improved blood flow. Their unique fabric is rigorously tested to the highest textile standards, and for their on-body compression delivery, they are designed to wick sweat away from the body to leave you dry and comfortable.

UNBOWND believe that, in order to achieve the best results, what runners wear should be a crucial part of any training regime. The UK brand have seen a huge surge in sales of their men’s compression wear this year and are due to release their women’s range in Spring 2019.

To find out more about UNBOWND, visit their website www.unbownd.com