The brand new RX3 range from Zone3 has been under development for the last four years in order to create the ultimate in medical grade compression clothing.

They claim to not only offer validated graduated compression but also carefully support the muscles and make you feel and perform your best during exercise.

A combination of X-PWR and Revolution Energy fabric from Italy is used to support the hip and knee whilst increasing blood flow to the calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes. A heat bonded PU tape is used on the lower leg and positioned to support the soleus and help reduce one of the most common forms of calf pain. Once you put these tights on you will feel the difference, whether training, racing or using for post-workout recovery.

The tights are:

  1. Validated graduated compression to increase blood circulation and improve recovery.
  2. Carefully constructed hip & knee panels to provide optimum muscle support.
  3. PU tape support on soleus calf muscle to reduce muscle vibrations.
  4. Bonded ankle hem making the tights easier to get on and for improved comfort.
  5. 360o reflective logos for visibility in low light conditions.
  6. Carefully designed to offer coverage and confidence.

These are some of the KEY things that this compression range helps do:

  • Improve sporting performance and endurance
  • Increase muscle efficiency and power
  • Increase speed of muscle recovery time
  • Reduce the risk of injury

Our review:

RX3 Compression TightsOver the last two months, I have fallen in love with these tights. I’m always a little sceptical when I read about the amazing benefits of a new piece of kit, but these actually live up to the description. They’ve been washed almost daily for the last couple of months and they haven’t lost any of the support. One of my favourite features is the height of the waistband, there’s absolutely no movement and no annoying little manoeuvres to ‘hoik’ the tights up – that’s a word! I’ve been wearing the pair that is pictured here and the reflective design is brilliant for winter running. One of the benefits that I have noticed is that a niggling tightness in the calf has disappeared when I run in these tights. Over the last few months, after I’ve been running for a couple of hours, the tightness appears. In these tights, I return home without a niggle. These are definitely my ‘go to’ tights for 2019 and I will be investing in the shorter length as soon as the weather improves!

For more information, please visit the website. £75 / Women’s Compression Tights