Q: I am a runner – what will Outdoor Fitness offer for me?

Amy Curtis, Editor: I am a runner too, so I know just how you feel and what you’re looking for! As part of the collaboration between Running, Tri Plus and Outdoor Fitness, we have introduced a nice big section on running, covering training, interviews, kit, routes and more. As well as this, elsewhere in the magazine we talk about cross training and injury prevention, all of which is very relevant to runners.

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In the November Issue of Outdoor Fitness, you’ll find:

  • Tom Evans: An interview with this amazing ultra running
  • Tina Muir: Musings from our columnist
  • Exercise Drill: Move of the month from injury expert, Matt Phillips
  • Ultra Running: How to run an ultra event
  • Under Pressure: Compression-wear explained

… along with competitions, books, race reviews, a 32 page events guide and more!