Want to get back in shape and live a healthy life? Looking for a training buddy? The 5F app could be the answer.

The app provides a quick and easy way to find other active people in your city, connect and motivate each other to stay active.

Match with others based on your favorite activities. Once two users mutually opt in, they can message each other within the app.


* Over 100 different activities to choose from with more coming.
* 4 different skill levels including “Want to try” beside “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Expert” to encourage anybody to be more active.
*  Discover new people based on age, gender, sport and location.
* Chat with your connections from within the app.
* Block and report inappropriate users.

Urs Camenisch, Founder of 5F says, “I came up with the idea while working as an Air Ambulance Pilot. I transported too many patients with non life threatening illnesses that could have been prevented with some regular exercise. I am hoping to make a small difference with this app. 5F is for you even if you have never done a particular activity. That’s why we included the 4th skill level “Want to try” beside “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Expert”. Our mission is to encourage everyone to use this app and get more active.”

5F is available on iOS, for free. An Android version is a work in progress and there will be more features to add in the near future.

For more information, you can find 5F at their website, on Twitter, Facebook and iTunes.