ASICS, the world’s 3rd largest sports equipment specialist, is launching its very own acceleration programme, Tenkan-Ten.

Over 200 of the world’s best start-ups applied, but only 5 made the cut. Mile Positioning Solutions,
with their app Runnin’City, is proud to be one of the select few for the world’s first sports and well-being growth catalyst.

Runnin’CityThe initiative was organised by ASICS’ New Business and Innovation Division, and will take place in Barcelona from September 2018 to January 2019. The name Tenkan-Ten is the Japanese phrase for ‘tipping point’, a concept which will be instigated for each start-up through an intense 4 months worth of workshops and mentoring from ASICS’ industry experts. Daniel Dümig, the programme director, hopes that the project will be hugely successful in “uniting the speed, creativity and ambition of start-ups with the knowledge, resources and connections of ASICS, [to] create a sustainable business for both sides in the long term”.

Mile’s founders are equally enthusiastic about the prospect, affirming that the growth catalyst scheme “is an excellent opportunity to increase the number of users on a large scale, and to give us worldwide visibility within a short space of time” (Olivier Lebleu). Co-founder Christophe Minodier also emphasises the benefits the programme will have for the company, as it will “most definitely allow us to accelerate growth, as well as help us to raise the necessary funds for our ambitious development plans”.

For this first round of Tenkan-Ten, ASICS has hand-picked 5 start-ups: A-champs (China), Curv (Canada), Entrenarme and Pyrates (Spain) and Mile Positioning Solutions (France).

The scheme is aimed at start-ups who have already fully developed their products, established themselves on the market, and are ready to take business to the next level. Mile ticks all these boxes with their Runnin’City app, which offers runners (and walkers) the opportunity to discover more than 150 cities across the world with an integrated GPS and audioguide. Runnin’City is ahead of the game in terms of potential investment: with an international community of over 50,000 active users and having been praised across the media, it is clearly capable of conquering the global market.