Fitness is the new fashion – trends quickly come and go, and over the last few years we’ve seen everything from hula-hoop classes, to broga (a cross between boxing and yoga) and even dog yoga, have their moment in the spotlight. Now there’s a new fitness craze hopping, thinking and lunging its way into London, for busy multi-tasking Londoners to exercise both their brains and bodies for the first time. 

Currently being piloted in London by Arla Protein – the protein packed quark based snack – Lunge and Learn City Tours see a group of 10 take on a traditional city tour, but with a twist. Rather than merely walking the streets and learning about the culture, history and stories of the city, participants will be put through their mental and physical paces, lunging, squat jumping and skipping their way across the capital, taking in knowledge on London landmarks, whilst being quizzed on all the city has to offer over the 5km route.

The development of Lunge and Learn City Tours comes as a growing amount of research suggests that twenty somethings want more from their workouts. No longer do they want to attend the gym, they want to socialize, learn whilst they train and take part in exercise that offers more than pounding the treadmill[1].

During the unique city sight-seeing boot camp tour, participants will burn calories and build brain cells with the help of expert personal trainer and Instagram star, Faya Nilsson of Fitness on Toast. Faya will put participants through their paces with a range of body busting moves, whilst keeping them alert with quiz style trivia and memory challenges, with one crowned the Lunge and Learn champion at the end of the session.

The tour takes in some of the city’s best and even lesser-known landmarks. Starting at the Royal Exchange with a warm up on the steps, it then takes runners through the streets of the City of London, teaches participants what qualifies you as a cockney, why St Paul’s was a beacon of British strength in World War 2 as you plank and even takes in a special memorial in Postman’s Park, as you work on your shoulders and triceps.

A number of modern day landmarks from films such as Four Weddings & a Funeral and Braveheart also feature as well as a contemporary icon that we have Benedict Cumberbatch, AKA BBC’s Sherlock Holmes, to thank for.

Finishing at Embankment Gardens, runners will cool down with an Arla Protein Pouch, which is packed with 20g of protein, making it the ideal post exercise snack.

There are two classes currently available to book:

–       10th October, 5:30pm – 6:30pm

–       12th October, 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Faya Nilsson of Fitness on Toast, commented: “This is such a unique and novel approach to working out and so when I was approached by Arla, I jumped at the chance to bring this new workout to London. It can be tricky to fit in a work out around a busy lifestyle but the city tours provide an all-round experience to learn about the city, improve cardiovascular fitness, increase energy and toast some calories in the process!”    

To register for a London Lunge and Learn tour, email stating your name and your desired date to join the tour.