Brilliant Beetroot is available from Cawston Press and is made up of 90% pressed beetroot juice, 10% pressed apple juice and vitamin C.

We have had the opportunity to try the Brilliant Beetroot in the handy 330ml carton and while it may have been tried with trepidation to begin with, it has become a firm favourite, especially after a long run. Initially, the best description was ‘intense’. With 10% apple juice, there is a sweetener in the mix, but this drink is definitely all about the beetroot. Unlike some other vegetable based drinks, this isn’t thick in texture and is thirst quenching. For any beetroot fans out there, this is definitely worth a try. The health benefits of beetroot could possibly tempt non-beet-fans to try it too? One small piece of advice though, don’t spill it!

If you would like to liven up the drink, try this Mocktail recipe:

Magenta Fizz Mocktail


  • 50ml of Cawston Press Brilliant Beetroot
  • 50ml of Cranberry Juice
  • 50ml of Orange Juice
  • Soda water
  • Orange Slices
  • Ice


Pour 50ml each of Cawston Press Brilliant Beetroot, cranberry juice and orange juice into an ice filled glass and top with soda water.

Stir and serve with a straw and orange slices.


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